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Support your arch.
move with freedom.

Optimal alignment. Optimal movement.

The alignment of your feet forms the foundation of of your movement. It’s part anatomy, part physics. Custom orthotics are prescribed and personalised for you to help you move with freedom Every. Single. Day.

Turn your daily routine into the most effortless way to optimise your movement

What's the one thing you do before getting out of the door each day? You put your shoes on. Do you put much thought into it? Probably not. That's the beauty of custom orthotics.

Fit for a busy life

Life can demand your attentions in many ways, so looking after your feet should be as simple as possible.

Made for your everyday shoes

What shoes do you wear? Your orthotics can be made to fit them, not the other way around.

Comfortable from day 1

Don't worry about breaking into your new orthotics. They are comfortable from the get go.

Prescribed with expertise, made with precision

Because it matters to us that you actually love your orthotics and do enjoy wearing them.

Founded by podiatrists. Trusted by surgeons.

We intentionally choose to only do we thing, so you know we really mean it when we say we are passionate about proactive foot care because how much you live depends on how well you move.

Australian Podiatrist of the Year

We are exceptional at what we do, and we've got proof for it. Check it out at Allied Health Awards.

10,000+ feet helped & counting

You can trust that we mean it when we say we are passionate about keeping you moving for years to come.

20+ Years Experience Combined

Our expertise and experience in biomechanics underpins our philosophy on orthotics.

Move with freedom
for years to come

Ready to optimise your movement?

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