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At The Movement, we have dedicated all of our experience and expertise into doing one thing, and one thing only – creating great custom orthotics.

align your feet.
align your body.

Your feet are the foundations of your whole body. If your feet are not aligned properly, there is a ripple effect further up your body – to your ankles, knees and hips! When your body is misaligned, and not functioning to the best of its ability, it can start to cause pain in many areas of the body.

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The most customised orthotic insoles

Not all orthotics are made the same

Custom Measured with the latest Technology

Using the top-of-the-range assessment technologies and digital casting to achieve precision that cannot be replicated by traditional methods
Custom Prescribed by Australian Podiatrist of the Year

Like glasses, your orthotics work because they have a custom prescription. Expert knowledge is essential for great orthotics
Custom Manufactured Premier Slim-Fit Orthotics

The latest 3D printing technology allows us to create our signature Slim-Fit orthotics that fit into all of the shoes you love. Say goodbye to bulky orthotics!
Custom Fitted to your feet

Experience our custom fitting appointment where we take you through your new orthotics and make sure they are a perfect fit for YOU!

Be comfortable in the shoes you want.

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